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Rise in Coronavirus figures disturbing… 86 new cases reported as COVID-19 Nigeria hits 627.

Rise in Coronavirus figures disturbing… 86 new cases reported as COVID-19 Nigeria hits 627.

The data on Coronavirus as released by the concerned authorities at international, national and state levels are really very disturbing.

While the world has become a global village and we may not close our eyes to happenings elsewhere, our major concern at this point in time are the figures as they concern our country and people.

The figures of the infected are on the rise; so also the figures of those succumbing to the virus.

While we salute the authorities and our medical personnel for their yeoman’s efforts and the great job they are doing, especially with the encouraging number of those successfully treated of the virus and discharged from the hospital, the climbing figures of the infected and the deaths have begun to surpass the cheery news of the success so far recorded.

This is where we have to take caution and redouble our efforts. Our testing capacity must rapidly increase, the number of bed spaces available also.

More isolation centres have to spring up, and these must be well kitted and better manned.

Patients must be attended to and be well catered for, not dumped and allowed to get worse.

Searching for those infected but hiding from the authorities has become a task that must be done.

Community spreading of Coronavirus has become the most potent danger that confronts the Nation and that may, unfortunately, imperil us all if not given the seriousness it deserves.

Social distancing and observance of hygiene best practices are being preached all over the world as the best weapons to prevent the spread of Coronavirus and, eventually, to conquer it.

But these are better preached than observed, especially in a society such as ours which is crippled by traditional, superstitious, and religious fanaticism.

To make matters worse are the twin-evil of illiteracy and poverty, which have made preachments on social distancing to fall on deaf ears.

Government’s financial handicap to make palliatives reach everyone and the controversial way the little that was shared had been applied has given little confidence and comfort to many.

In the face of all of this, the figures as they are released daily give a frightening indication that we may be in this for the long haul.

We will therefore keep our eyes on the figures, so that we can review our progress or the lack of it from time to time.

Dr. Joe Okei-Odumakin



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