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Advocacy & Mobilization || Education & Public Enlightenment || Publication ||Research Into Specific Issues Affecting the Women Fold || Provision of Counseling Services to Victims Of “Misuse And Abuse” || Election Monitoring || Training On Women’s Right And Democratic Participation.

Everywhere around the World, women speak the same language-silence!” -Anonymous.
Women Arise was established in 2003 with the purpose of working for the women, encouraging them to come together to stand up against “misuse and abuse” by a male dominated society. Breaking the culture of silence and finding expressions for themselves in the social political and economic relations in Nigeria and It requires:
•    Organizing women to assert their rights and taking their destiny in their hands rather than being apologetic.

Thus, WA works with and for:
–  Individual women who are victims of discrimination and oppression.
–  Women Groups from different strata of society according to their areas of need.
•    Freedom from oppressive interference or discrimination by the state, government or society’s institutions on the ground of sex.
•    Advocating legal reforms to abrogate obnoxious and harmful practices targeted against women by religion, traditions and male prejudices.