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The decision to gradually ease lockdown in Lagos, FCT and Ogun is welcome as it is harmful to permanently shut down these economic centres indefinitely.

The gradual ease should be combined with strict observance of safety measures like wearing of masks, washing of hands and social/physical distancing.

The fumigation of public places must also continue, to keep the spread of the pandemic very low.

Provision of support to the most vulnerable should continue as the impact of the lockdown would still weigh heavily on the poor.

The President’s warning to security operatives on human rights abuses should be strictly enforced as it was embarrassing to Nigeria that its security forces were in competition with Coronavirus on who will kill more Nigerians.

It may not be out of tune to ask Government to mobilize and empower our universities, polytechnics, and research institutes to join the search for a vaccine that will serve as cure to Coronavirus.

Also in line with what other countries are doing, including African countries, our scientists and researchers should be mobilized and encouraged to invent ventilators, test kits and such other equipments that are hard to come by internationally since every country is fighting tooth and nail to cope with the pandemic.

Finally, goverment must keep abreast of latest developments around the world in combating the pandemic.

Special attention must now be focused on practices, sects, and groups that are deliberately flouting COVID-19 protocols, thereby encouraging community transmission of the virus.

This is the major reason why the figures of the infected are on the increase right now.

It must be stated quite clearly that such ignorance and or irresponsible behaviour endangers everyone.

It will also ensure we remain in the stranglehold of the virus for a very long time to come, with dire consequences on the health and safety of Nigerians as well as the quick recovery of the economy.

Dr. Joe Okei-Odumakin
President, Centre for Change.



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