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In the view of figures exceeding 6,000, it might be noteworthy that the outcome of COVID-19 would be a consequence of our actions and inactions.

Current Epidemiological and Demographic Figures ?
Sunday 17th of May
Total number test: 35,345
Confirmed Cases: 5,559
Discharged Casss: 1,590
Deaths: 182

Monday 18th of May
Total number: 6,175
New cases: 216
Kano: 17/842
FCT :3/422
These mean epidemiological figures would be 42.5% in Lagos, 13.6% in Kano and 6.8% in FCT

Though these figures might not be totally reliable because the distribution of tests carried out are not equivocal in all states, it would suffice as our reference.
With much kudos to the government both at federal and state levels on the decisive steps taken to gradually increase the preexisting ease of lockdown in the next two weeks for people to get used to the guidelines, it has become imminent that individual responsibility would be consequential to case fatalities.

Though herd immunity being the most likely solution to the pandemic in our nation, it would give us a softer landing if we behave responsibly and be our brother’s keeper.

The SARS-COV-2 virus (causative virus of COVID-19) is highly mutant; hence, it will be beneficial if the spread is curbed so the herd immunity is not with a catastrophic imbalance between morbidity and mortality.

With the above demographics, it is apparent that the highest mortality rates are still in Kano state; so we think government is right to keep the state under lockdown for now.

On this note, precautionary measures cannot be over-emphasised bearing in mind a task force is in situ.

We would also urge the government to keep a close eye on the authorities challenged with the duty of carrying out disciplinary measures so they may do so with human consideration while not lagging behind in diligence as the virus was not anyone’s intentional doing.

I wish us all the best as we adapt to the new situation because, in as much as we want it to go away, COVID-19 is here and it’s exit is going to be a gradual and inconvenient process.

If we put our acts together, the task of overcoming Covid-19 is quite achievable.

Let us stay at home if we have nothing important to do outside.

Let us maintain physical distancing, always wearing face masks outside our homes, handwashing regularly, avoid touching of surfaces outside the home and, most importantly, if possible go around with alcohol-based sanitizers as handwashing may not be absolutely available in all quarters.

Let’s be responsible!



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