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Fire Guts the office of the Accountant-General of the Federation : What Next?

Fire Guts the office of the Accountant-General of the Federation : What Next?

This is distressing! More questions than answers will trail this incident.

Why now, when Abuja is on lockdown?

Why now, when everyone is on stay at home?

Why this very important office having to deal with money and records of money?

Is this an accident or incident?

Nigerians are conversant with this kind of shenanigans in the past where fire outbreaks in sensitive government ministries, departments and paraststals were meant to cover up tracts.

But why add to our woes? Money will be used to put out the fire while Billions will also be needed to repair the burnt edifice.

What next? Bland statements from government, promises of a probe, and, truly, the setting up of probes panel.

The panel, too, will sit and spend money. In the end, volumes of reports of its findings will be submitted with glee to government.

Possibly, another review panel will be constituted to review the work of the probe panel.

Then a White Paper drafting committee will be empanelled.

By this time the public would have forgotten about the fire incident!

More scandals of more bizzire nature and damaging outcome would have fallen upon one another.

Then the findings concerning this fire will be swept under the carpet and the White Paper allowed to gather dust in some cupboard filled with similar skeletons. And life continues!

That is how it has been here. Whether this one will be different remains to be seen!

So long a country!

Dr. Joe Okei-Odumakin

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