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It has now become routine for the NCDC to announce hundreds of new coronavirus infections every day and a spike in the national figures of infected Nigerians.

From tens to hundreds and then the first 1000, the national figures just crossed the 5000 landmark.

Unfortunately, there is no respite in sight! From projections, the figures will continue to spike while testing struggles at snail’s speed, unable to catch up.

The embarrassing aspect is that smaller African countries with a fraction of the population of the selfadvertised “giant of Africa” are doing more tests than Nigeria.

This necessitates the call, once again, for the authorities to put their acts together and increase the number of tests per day.

We cannot continue to crawl in this very important respect while the rate of infection travels at a faster speed.

Whether locally or on the international scene, everyone is scampering to provide home-grown solutions. We must not be left out of this. Our penchant to depend on importation of all manner of craps while producing nothing must now stop.

From hand sanitizers to other Personal Protection Equipments to the search for cure, we must now take the lead and look after ourselves.

It is sad and embarrassing that it is Lilliputian Madagascar that is taking the lead in this respect for giant Nigeria to shamelessly follow.

Yet, it is not as if we could not have done better than Madagascar. We are not short of talents but, unfortunately, short in the leadership qualities needed to harness the bountiful potentials always available in this country.

The human, natural and capital resources have always been there. Effectively managing them for progress has been our bane.

As we battle the Covid-19 pandemic, these lapses have, unfortunately, reared their hydraheaded ugly heads once more.

This has been one important reason why many Nigerians find it difficult to put their trust in their government to obey directives meant for the good of all.

This, then, is a vicious circle that must be broken for us to get out of this bind and make meaningful progress.

It is important that Nigerians obey all the protocols, such as physical distancing and the use of PPE.

The lockdown which is in operation in various ways and forms all over the country must be obeyed.

It is in this respect that we frown at its breaches, which is aiding the community transmission of the virus at an alarming rate. This is not in the interest of anyone.

Let the security operatives be alive to their duties, please!

Let everyone be patriotic, sensitive, and sensible enough to understand and appreciate that the Covid-19 protocols are for the protection and well-being of all.

Finally, we say a big thank you to all those on the Frontline of the war against Covid-19 – the health workers, security operatives and even the journalists that are hardly mentioned as very indispensable if the fight against the virus must be won.

The increasing figure of those treated and discharged gives the assurances that this fight is winnable!

Let all hands be on the deck then!

Dr. Joe Okei-Odumakin



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